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Professionals Feedback on Curriculum / Syllabus

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Teacher Feedback on Curriculum / Syllabus

The purpose of the feedback is obtaining from teacher’s specifically on curriculum / Syllabus implementation. Your response as an esteemed teacher in this regard is valuable for our continuous improvement.

Teacher feedback

(Please tick in the relevant cell)
1). Current syllabus is need based
2). Aims and Objectives of the syllabus are well defined and clear to students and teachers
3). Curriculum having good academic flexibility
4). The syllabus is update and well defined to meet the demand
5). Getting enough time to cover the syllabus before the examination
6). Course content intellectually stimulates the students
7). The course content satisfies the needs of pursuing PG/super specialties courses.
8). Course assessment methods are appropriate to the curriculum.

Student feedback on Curricula / Syllabus

Dear Student, Greetings from DUPMC, Jalgaon. As you are esteemed student of this institution, we want feedback from you to improve us further. Please spare some time & give your valuable feedback on curriculum implementation and syllabus coverage. Please indicate the degree in which you agree or disagree.


(Please tick in the relevant cell)
1). Curriculum updated enough
2). Curriculum content interesting
3). Curriculum fulfilling your expectation
4). Curriculum helping in developing your personality
5). Curriculum applicable in your future practice
6). Curriculum is relevant to meet health care of global standards
7). Need to include skill-based content in current syllabus
8). The assessment pattern measures your complete knowledge