Dr. Anushree R. Bajaj

HOD – Otorhinolaryngology 


Otorhinolaryngology Department

To know and understand the function, we must first comprehend the structure. Today, the study of anatomy is better integrated, both horizontally and vertically, not only with other basic sciences, but other clinical sciences as well, helping to generate more interest in the minds of students. Furthering the interest are newer advances in aids to teach anatomy that include incorporation of three dimensional models, imaging techniques, plastination, virtual dissection, simulated surgery and multi-media classroom teaching. All these highlight only one thing and that is the perennial relevance of anatomy, to medicine. We cannot hope to unravel the effects of disease processes without first learning the structure and then its function.

-Our Goal

To Make students understand the scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level and to orient them towards the application of the knowledge acquired in solving clinical problems.