Medical Superintendent Message

Medical Superintendent Message

Dear Friends,

First of all I welcome and congratulate the young aspiring medicos for choosing this “Noble profession”, after facing the challenges of entrance examinations. It is a natural respect aroused in the minds of the people for those with the prefix “Dr.”. The words honesty, dedication, morality, nobility, social commitments are all various facets of the word “Doctor”.

We at DUPMC strongly believe in value based Medi-education system, and recognize our commitment towards the betterment of society. Keeping this view in mind, we not only strive to impart our students the best professional knowledge with latest Medi-technology, but also imbibe in them the ethics, the devotion and all those good qualities be lifting the personality of a Good Doctor.

 We are proud to say that in this mission of creating dedicated professionally skilled doctors we are supported with intellectual and skilled teaching faculty and world class infrastructure.

I am sure that once you are a part of this family, you will contribute in this mission of Medi-education along with service towards humanity.

Best of Luck… for Future Endeavour!!!

Thanking You…

Dr.  N. S. Arvikar

Medical Superintendent