Digital Classroom

There are 4 lecture halls with a capacity of 120 students and having necessary audiovisual aids. DUPMC has a well equipped infrastructure with Digital Classrooms. These classrooms are completely designed as per global Medi-Educational standards. Digital Classroom is having various hi-tech facilities like; LCD Projector, Advanced Video Screen, Digital Sound System & AV Classrooms. Due to latest technology & hi-tech electronic equipments Student can easily understand the concepts & E-learning helps them to understand medical terms & concepts via video & presentation format more easily. It helps to grasp easily & makes learning to easy. Though Pictures, Graphics & High Resolution Videos student understanding & listening power increases. Due to Digital classroom, Various New Technologies & Invention of the Medical Science are able to reach up to students via Video Screen Digital Media. To learn with Digital Classroom is an ideal concept & It is an Ultimate Revolution in Traditional Learning System. We ensure our students that our Digital Classroom will be more technically sound & will be updated upto next year with latest technology & Wi-Fi Enabled with High Speed Internet Connectivity.

Smart Library

A Central Library with various books and national and international journals is situated in College Building. In addition separate departmental library with books relating to respective departments. E- library is active with internet & Wi-fi Enabled. The DUPMC maintains a well stocked library with more than 10000 volumes of text and reference books, periodicals and Daily News papers. Students have access to lending library, reference library and a vast treasure of current and back volumes of Journals. The access to library has been made easier. The DUPMC library provides open access system to students & faculty members, which enables them to make optimum utilization of the collection available in the library. For every student, ‘Library Cards’ are provided for academic performance. The DUPMC has a well established library which caters to the need of the students, research scholars and the faculty. Many Research Scholars and Book-Lovers have, over the years, donated a large number of their own personal collections; the Library has become fabulously rich in its collection. The library provides extension services to students, teachers & scholars. The library is blessed with a remarkable collection of dedicated to outstanding national Doctors and Medi-Scientists. In the course of time, with an increasing number of students, the Library felt the need to acquire more space by extending the building. The library has developed an extensive Medical Book Database of some important copies. The entire first floor of the Library serves as a Reading Hall for Medical students and is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate around 100 students at a time. This is perhaps one of the largest Reading Rooms.

Computer Lab

DUPMC has well equipped Computer Lab with latest 120 Computers and has made available broadband internet facility for the students. The DUPMC uses a wide range of instructional techniques to equip the students to develop latest concept of requisite skills and abilities to enable them to make up responsible and challenging position in their future life. Computers are highly configured for best performance with latest technology. Computers are installed with high-end technology software of IT. Today, the age of IT (Information Technology) Boom, So in such competitive world, DUPMC provides a best Computer & IT Training to students for their future career. Computer Department organizes various events on IT & Computers for awareness in the students about Medi-IT. DUPMC has a special section of IT & Computer, Where various new projects are implemented for DUPMC. Computer Lab is providing a training regarding Internet, Surfing, Searching, Mailing & all online Medi-applications.

Demonstration Room

Each Demonstration Room is fitted with over-head projector, slide projector, and other audio-visual aids. Demonstration Rooms are very important in Medical Science Education System. Every Section & its various concepts of Medical Science are concerned with it. Demo Rooms is working as a Virtual Learning System in Medical Science Education System.


DUPMC have splendid & well equipped museums in every department. As per MCI norms each department has an informative museum with catalogues for the help of students to understand the subject better. Various New Statutes & other Medical Equipments, Tutorials, Charts, Etc are sources of information & study references for students.

Research Lab

DUPMC is having a very talented pool of Scientists, Doctors, Surgeons & Research Oriented Medi-Scholars. DUPMC is a prime Medical Educational institution in Maharashtra with PG Courses. At DUPMC, Various Re-Known Faculty for Research Students is available. DUPMC have a separate infrastructure for Research Scholars & Faculty also. DUPMC Research Wings is always updated with various latest & current trends in Medical Science Scenario via Seminars of Scientists, Magazines, Internet, Medi-Research –Subscriptions, Conferences, Research Associations, MCI Circulars & Many International Research Organizations. DUPMC is having continuous positive track record in Research. MCI honors DUPMC last year for Research Wings Progress.

Seminar and Workshops

While exposing the students to the theories and concepts of modern medical trends, no efforts are spared to develop a practical orientation in them. A series of seminars are organized which see students interact with Medi-Corporate who share their experiences and also give a firsthand insight into the world of Medical Science as it stands today. These seminars are free for all students and needless to say, go a long way in helping one to give direction and structure to his/her career plans. To help you understand the world of Medical Science, our panel of experts has provided an in-depth analysis of the various streams that one might venture into. College has tie-up with various Professionals, Guess Lecturers, and Research Organizations for seminars & workshops. Though Seminars & Workshops, Students will get knowledge of their profession with experienced faculties & guests. Student gets the chance of group discussions & sharing views, asking doubts, explaining situations, solving puzzles, proving talents, etc. Such events are always encourages the students activity & inner hidden talents.



Separate Spacious Hostel for Girls and Boys with various amenities are built. Hostels are nearby College Campus.

Staff Quarters:

Most of the staff stays in Staff Quarters thus making them easily accessible to students & Patients.


A canteen is built adjacent to the hostel to provide eatery for Student, Staff.