AQAR Part- B 1- Health Science Disciplines Medical College

AQAR Part- B- Health Science Disciplines Medical College

8.1.1 (QnM:8) NEET percentile scores of students enrolled for the MBBS programme for the preceding academic year.
8.1.2 (QlM:8) Students are exposed to quality of care and patient safety procedures including infection prevention and control practices as practiced by the teaching hospital in didactic and practical sessions during their clinical postings
8.1.3 (QnM:8) Average percentage of fulltime teachers who have acquired additional postgraduate Degrees/Diplomas/Fellowships beyond the eligibility requirements from recognized centers/universities in India or abroad. (Eg: AB, FRCS, MRCP, FAMS, FAIMER & IFME Fellowships, Ph D in Medical Education etc.) (excluding those mentioned in metric 2.4.2)
8.1.4 (QlM:10) The Institution has introduced objective methods to measure and certify attainment of specific clinical competencies by MBBS students/interns as stated in the undergraduate curriculum by the Medical Council of India
8.1.5 (QlM:10) Instructional sessions for students introduced by the College on the Medical, Legal, Ethical and Social Issues involved in organ transplantation.
8.1.6 (QlM:10) Students are exposed to the organization and operational features of the Immunization Clinic functioning in the hospital as per WHO guidelines for childhood immunization.
8.1.7 (QlM:10) The College has adopted methods to define and implement Medical graduate attributes with a system of evaluation of attainment of the same.
8.1.8 (QlM:10) Activities of the Medical Education Unit of the College in conducting a range of Faculty Development Prgrammes in emerging trends in Medical Educational Technology.
8.1.9 (QnM:10) Is the teaching hospital / clinical laboratory accredited by any National Accrediting Agency? 1. NABH Accreditation of the teaching hospital 2. NABL Accreditation of the laboratories 3. ISO Certification of the departments / divisions 4. Other Recognized Accreditation / Certifications
8.1.10 (QnM:8) Average percentage of first year students, provided with prophylactic immunization against communicable diseases like Hepatitis-B during their clinical work in the last five years.
8.1.11 (QlM:8) Steps/procedures adopted by the College to expose students to contemporary medico-legal practices and third-party payers/insurance mechanisms, indemnity insurance protection etc. relevant to the clinician/provider as well as the patient/recipient.